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To gather for job hunting

Assuming that an employee goes to work 20 days a month, it is calculated to add 140 hours of base salary per year per employee. If an employee sues for payment of wages for detention during break time, there is no escape from payment of high unpaid wages. In the long run, the risks and losses are greater, so if you are using the wrong way to handle breaks, consider correcting the break system as soon as possible. Related article: Detailed explanation on whether or not there is a break in the case of working hours of 6 hours.

The Labor Standards Act stipulates the number of hours to be given for breaks according to the number of hours worked. illustration men resting Under the Labor Standards Act, No break required for working less than 6 hours Employees mobile number list who work more than 6 hours but less than 8 hours must take a break of at least 45 minutes. Employees who work more than 8 hours must take a break of at least 1 hour I have set a rule. Companies that fail to observe the above break times are in violation of the Labor Standards Act. In today's society, where SNS and the Internet are highly developed, it is impossible to hide the bad reputation of a company.

In the unlikely event that stories such as "I'm forced to work during break time" or "I'm not paid because it's break time" are leaked on the Internet , the image of the company will be significantly damaged. If the corporate image is damaged, there is a possibility that employees will resign one after another and that new graduates will not be abl. Few general consumers look favorably on companies that do not comply with the Labor Standards Act, so to protect the corporate image and stock price, let your employees take the minimum number of breaks.
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